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Measuring Inflation in India: Limitations of the WPI D.K.Srivastava and
Wholesale Price Index: Evolution of the Weighting Diagrams D.K.Srivastava and
How Good is WPI Inflation as a Predictor of CPI Inflation? D.K.Srivastava and
The Subprime Crisis - Implications for India Anand Shankar II nd Year MSc Financial Economics
India's Pharmaceuticals Industry: New Challenges Jayan Jose Thomas
World Economy in 2008 Jayan Jose Thomas
Our Beloved Economics Ravi Saraogi II nd Year MSc  Economics
Financial Crises: A Cascading Effect on India Madhuri Malhotra
The American Bailout and the Way Ahead Anand Shankar II nd Year MSc Financial Economics
Asia and the Pacific in 2008 Jayan Jose Thomas
Land Reforms in India Devangana Jha, MSc II nd Year
Hurdles to growth of Indian Industry Jayan Jose Thomas